Beezie's Blooms is all about seasonal flowers, passion and sustainability. I am a farmer florist, meaning I am the flower farmer and the floral designer. Every bloom used in my arrangements and designs is grown here on my farm in Milaca, MN. I start all of my flowers from seed and specialize in growing heirloom & old-fashioned varieties of perennials and annuals that are no longer seen in the commercial flower industry. This makes every bouquet of blooms I create unique to its own while at the same time, I am able to reduce my carbon footprint and promote a sustainably run business using the field-to-vase method. From farmer's markets, weekly deliveries, parties, events, weddings, photo shoots and specialty orders, Beezie's Blooms has something unique to offer for everyone.

My Story

Hello my fellow flower lovers, I'm Randi, the woman behind Beezie's Blooms. I am 28 years old, married to a man I am madly in love with and a mother to two amazing pups, Griffin & Zoey. I was raised here in Minnesota and once I graduated high school I made the move to Colorado with my best friend to attend community college and find my calling. After two years into school, I was lost so I decided to take some classes in several different subjects including horticulture. After my first day in my horticulture 101 class, I was hooked. I was 20 years old at the time and I slowly began to fall in love with gardening, plants, cooking and everything horticulture related. I am a dreamer and my first dream was to have a seasonal restaurant where my menu was a chalkboard on an easel and every single item came from my farm. A few months later, and after working in the restaurant industry for several years, I came to the harsh realization that having a seasonal restaurant sounded amazing but it was not my forever dream. Several months later and feeling somewhat lost again I had a dream. A life-changing dream. It was a dream that showed me it was not vegetables and food I love, but flowers. Beautiful, magnificent flowers! 


As fall approached that year, I was very serious about pursuing this magical dream I had. I couldn't stop reading books, seed catalogs and online articles about flowers. I fell in love with Erin Benzakein's writing in "Growing for Market," and I absolutely knew that I had to follow this dream! So I did, I approached a young couple at the farmer's market who had a small farm just up the road from my house and asked them if they would be interested in having me grow flowers on their farm, lucky for me they agreed and the next spring I began living my dream as a farmer florist! My original business name, the flower girl., came to me in the midst of my first season working as a farmer florist. People would come to the farm would naturally call me the the flower girl when they didn't know my name. It was so sweet and it stuck but as the years have passed I have felt a change coming. That change began to take place in summer of 2017 when I was out working in the flower field one afternoon and that change I had been seeking came to me. It was time to re-brand and further define myself in my trade. So after a lot of deep thought, some long runs and several good sleeps I decided to change the name of my business to Beezie's Blooms! The name is Beezie is one of my childhood nicknames, as I was known by my family members as a busy little bee. I was dedicated to find something different, unique to its own and fitting to my business and I am so happy with my decision! 


 I am now approaching my sixth season as a farmer florist and the proud owner of Beezie's Blooms! My husband and I recently bought our first home together along with 10 dreamy acres and we can't wait for what's ahead! My love for flowers is stronger than ever. My eagerness to learn, grow & persevere is truly unstoppable. I have big plans and a strong desire to bring beauty, color and joy into other's lives and run a business that is driven from the heart. A business run by a girl who followed her passion and never stopped chasing her dreams. A business that is not harmful to our earth and promotes being part of a community. I love what I do and I hope after working with me, you do to. 

When I am not tending to my flower field, creating bouquets or nose deep in a seed catalog, I enjoy; being with my husband, running, yoga, traveling, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening, tending to my farm animals, cooking, baking and watching sports. Life has so much to offer and I love learning new trades and challenging myself to try new things. I think that is the recipe to happiness.